Our Origin In The Sky.

In 2021, CrewBlast was born. A technology-based private aviation staffing company that connects qualified pilots and flight attendants with operators in need of staffing. In our very first year of operation, CrewBlast exceeded forecasted usage by over 350%, and quickly became the ultimate, go-to solution for staffing in the private aviation industry. Our platform provides instant access to highly qualified pilots and flight attendants who can meet aircraft staffing needs within minutes, and our automated approach streamlines the process.

Our Future In The Sea.

Leveraging our proven staffing platform, CrewBlast Yacht will provide vessel owners and managers instant access to a global database of highly qualified yacht crew, including captains, engineers, and deckhands, among others. Our proprietary technology and streamlined approach to staffing ensures that you get the staffing you need, when you need it, and our app makes the entire process simple and efficient. CrewBlast Yacht is poised to become the go-to service for private maritime staffing.

How, and Why, It Works.

When you sign up as a crewmember, you can create a simple profile, and upload all of your relevant documents and information you'll need for your next job. When yacht managers are faced with staffing needs, they can simply fill out our request form, and a "blast" will be sent out to all crewmembers with matching qualifications. As a crewmember, you can simply reply to the message if you're available, and we'll share your profile with the yacht or manager. Crewmembers have full control of their own profiles and can edit and update their documents and informaiton as need be.

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Crew Housing

Whether you need a place to stay while you seek out your next job, or you're just in town for training, we have some great recommendations to help you find the perfect accomodations!

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